Jackson County inmate dies after punch from fellow inmate

Anthony Eugene Moore (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Anthony Eugene Moore (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Dionte R. Jones (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Dionte R. Jones (Photo source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Jackson County inmate who has been in critical condition since getting punched by another inmate Sunday night has died.

Anthony Eugene Moore, 46, died Monday, less than 24 hours after the incident inside the walls of the Jackson County Adult Detention Center.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd, another inmate, 19-year-old Dionte R. Jones was arguing on the phone with a family member when Moore walked by him during the end of his call. Byrd said that's when Jones punched Moore in the jaw.

"After viewing the videotape, he was struck by a another inmate upside the face and which knocked him to the ground," Sheriff Mike Byrd explained.

Moore was transported to Singing River Hospital for treatment.

Dionte Jones was locked down in isolation at the jail. Officials promised if Moore died, Jones would be charged with manslaughter.

County supervisors, including Troy Ross, are concerned about the incident.

"This board of supervisors will work with the sheriff's department to make sure we can install the proper safety precautions and make sure he has the resources he needs to make sure that things like this don't happen in the future," Ross said.

Another supervisor, Melton Harris, feels more communication is needed at times like this.

"We would prefer to know beforehand, before some of this information gets to us from the news and from the streets. We've asked the sheriff to come and talk with us more," Harris said.

Sheriff Byrd said what happened at the jail is not unusual.

"You'll have fights, inmates fighting amongst each other in jails all across the United States. You have them fighting in prisons, so it's not unusual for them to get in altercations," the sheriff said.

County supervisors say the building of a new jail, which is currently underway, will help to alleviate some of those problems.

"In this new jail, every single cell will be a lockdown cell. You'll only have two people per cell," Supervisor John McKay explained. "They'll have a dayroom they can all go in where something like this could possibly happen, but again, it will greatly reduce the chances of interaction and this type of thing happening with a new jail."

For supervisors and the sheriff, that can't come quickly enough.

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