Harlem Shake sweeps through the Coast

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A dance sensation that's sweeping the nation has caught on in Gulfport. If you've been on YouTube lately you've probably seen what's called the Harlem Shake and people all over are creating their own version of it in odd places like offices or locker rooms.

Some South Mississippians wanted to join in the fun so they turned to Facebook to spread the word about holding one on the Gulf Coast. Although the 500 people, who joined the page were no shows, the Harlem Shake still went on.

Around 50 people staged the dance at the beach just south of Courthouse Road in Gulfport on Saturday. They came complete with props and random costumes.

"The Harlem Shake is just basically I think its an internet fad that someone started a few years ago and it just now started picking up and its basically a 30 second video where people wear the most ridiculous outfit you can find and just dance," said organizer Steven Tyler Streetman.

It took a lot of planning to create the video, Streetman hopes thousands will watch. People from Ocean Springs all the way to Hancock County came out.

"I saw LSU do it and then I saw the University of Florida do it and that's my favorite college. So I was like, hey there you go. They did what we did," organizer Austin Clark said.

Bryan Gibson watched the Harlem Shake videos also. Once he heard about this one he said he knew he had to join.

"Its cool to be apart of something that may become bigger in the future and we are hoping to help circulate around," attendee Bryan Gibson said.

"I just wanted to come out and have a good time with friends and meet some new people," attendee Josh Law said.

Two cameras were used to shoot the entire video. The next phase is editing. Streetman says he'll have it uploaded to YouTube under the name: South Mississippi Harlem Shake, in the next two days.

For more information about the video, you can email Streetman at stratacous@gmail.com.

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