Missing kayaker update: Cadaver dogs pick up scent

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It is day four of the search for missing kayaker Nick Rainer and The Jackson County Sheriff's Department believes they could be closer to finding Nick.

Sheriff Mike Byrd said, "We have had a lot of positives on the cadaver dogs especially over on the east side of marsh point where the bulkhead starts."

Several dogs have gone out with officers and picked up on a scent in the same general area, but windy conditions makes it tough to hone in closely.

"The wind was blowing somewhere within the vicinity of 1500 yards, that's a great big area so it takes a long time to search it and we are just going to keep trying," Byrd said.

The American Red Cross volunteers came out Sunday to hand out food and drink to the volunteers and Rainer family members. Mental health volunteers were also there offering support.

Volunteer Mike Jordan said, "They are out here in the cold wind on the water and they need a hot cup of coffee and sandwich when they come in. We will be here as long as they need us."

Roger Christophersen is from Seattle and is in South Mississippi on a work trip, he is also a member of the National Association of Search and Rescue and showed up Sunday to help.

"I've been involved in these type of events in the past and they are not easy and people need all the help they can get, if it's logistics or moral support or some skill sets I might have that can help so I'm trying to help the family and the workers," Christophersen said.

Family and friends of the Rainer's had been camped out at the Ocean Springs Harbor since Wednesday evening when Kenneth and Nick went missing, but on Sunday several left to attend Kenneth's funeral while others stayed hoping for any news.

By the afternoon those who were left packed up their belongings and headed home, forced to get back to their everyday lives.

"Our hearts go out to the family and friends and it's not easy and whatever we can do to make it easier for the family," Christophersen said.

Byrd said, "We are going to continue as long as we can and hopefully we can find him. We hope to put some closure on the incident for the family's sake."

Nick Rainer, 22, and his father Kenneth Rainer, 57, went fishing Wednesday but never returned. Around 7pm a shrimper found their kayaks and called police.

Kenneth Rainer's body was found early Thursday. An autopsy shows he died from drowning.

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