No Easy Solution For Water Contamination Concerns

Dee Micele's water well is just about 50 feet from what she believes is sewer contamination.

"One of the signs of a system failing is green stuff on the ground, and I've got green mushy stuff on the ground out there," she says.

Th green stuff she's referring to is one of the warning signs according to a state-issued pamphet about septic systems leaking.

"I have not cooked with my water since the first of November. I buy bottled water, and that's how I cook and drink," Micele says.  "I don't want to chance it."

Her household is just one of 600 families with health concerns in Vancleave. Several agencies are now looking into ways to provide a new supply of drink water to the area.

The West Jackson County Utility district wants to use a half million dollar state loan to dig a deep water well below any contained areas.

County Supervisor John Mckay says this is one of several plans being considered.  But in the end, he says the best solution will have to balance cost with what residents want in the Big Hill subdivision.

"There are no easy solutions, and the big thing is there are no cheap solutions," McKay says.  "Water and sewer line are expensive.

"It's terrible when you're just waiting to see what is going to happen next," Dee Micele says.

Unfortunately, that wait will probably continue for Dee and her neighbors.  All of the proposed projects would take at least year to finish if started immediately.