Advice and tips bloom at Garden and Patio Show

We aren't feeling the warmth of Spring just yet, but inside the Coast Coliseum you couldn't tell. As we prepare for the upcoming season, gardeners were making sure they're prepared the days ahead. 

"We have such a good time at the Garden Shows. We love seeing people that we've seen before, but we always get to meet so many new people. Particularly here on the Gulf Coast. Frankly there are always a lot more gardeners here every year," Author and Garden Expert, Nellie Neal said.

Luckily for them, everything a garden fanatic could need was all under one roof. From potting soil, to seeds, and even top of the line advice. The idea for the show, that continues through Sunday, is to make even novice gardeners comfortable. 

"It's just a passion. Everybody coming is looking for something special, or to see bright things. It's that first sign of Spring. Here it is, a cold gloomy day. Look around, this is Spring time," vendor, Michele Varner said.

While outdoor living is seen as a pastime for many, there are others who see it as much more than a hobby. But whether or not you've utilized your green thumb, these experts say its never too late to start. 

"Gardening really touches your soul. It's one of the things in this world that, the more you put into it, the more you get out. It's actually a great form of backyard therapy. We enjoy it because it makes us feel good. The better we feel, the better we do at everything else," Neal said.

The Garden and Patio Show at the Coliseum wraps up Sunday at 4 p.m.

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