Ocean Springs woman raises money for cancer victims

Jenni Mizell
Jenni Mizell

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The death of her best friend two years ago, inspired an Ocean Springs woman to raise money for cancer victims.

Jenni Mizell says not only did her friend struggle with the disease, she also worried about her inability to afford co-payments for the necessary medical treatment.

That prompted this friend, to make certain others don't face those same difficulties.

"It was hard for me. It was very hard to hear her fear and worry during a time when people should not be worried about such a thing when they're faced with a life and death situation," said Jenni Mizell, talking about her friend's struggle with cancer and finances.

The pressure of medical bills piled more stress than Mizell's friend needed.

Mizell is a woman on a mission. She's training for a 39.3 mile walk, a marathon and a half, to raise money for cancer victims.

Her best friend, Tane Bosarge, died of lung cancer two years ago.

"She taught me it doesn't take much to change the world. It only takes one person willing to get out there and make a difference in another person's life and the chain reaction begins," she said.

She'll be walking next month in the Avon Foundation "Walk for Breast Cancer" in Houston, TX.

Mizell chose that charity because it is best suited to provide direct financial assistance to cancer patients, something her friend desperately needed.

"I chose a foundation that would help other people. Give that money back to people in need. Take care of their needs while they were fighting for their life," she said.

Though inspired by the struggles of her dear friend, this Ocean Springs police dispatcher has also found that training is greatly improving her own health.

She's dropped 35 pounds in the process, something she's certain her best friend would have smiled about.

"She was there for me when I needed a friend. And I think that is her legacy. And that's what I carry with me," said Mizell.

There's a fundraiser this weekend to support her efforts.

"The Shed" restaurant on Highway 57 is hosting a "silent auction" beginning Saturday night at 7 p.m.," she explained.

All the proceeds will go to help fund Jenni Mizell's cancer walk next month.

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