Negotiations At Standstill For Closing VA Hospitals

Negotiations are at a stand still with the Veterans Administration's decision to close several veterans' facilities throughout the country, including a branch in Gulfport.

American Legion national commander John Brieden says the administration is looking at elements that were not initially studied, such as long term care and mental health facilities. Brieden believes these things should have been studied before a final decision was made.

"We felt like all along their study was not a complete study which makes it very hard to look at the results and say oh, gee, here's what we're gonna close if in fact that's not what they studied," Brieden said.

However, Brieden says there is some positive news. He says he has been promised that before anyone is moved from the Gulfport facility, new buildings will be built in Biloxi. The new buildings will be able to accommodate everyone long before the final VA facility is completed.