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Governor Bryant reacts to sequester impacts

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant returned home from Washington D.C. Tuesday, where he says discussions of the 'sequester' was the top topic on capitol hill.

The White House says sequestration cuts in Mississippi would be drastic. Tens of Millions slashed to education, military, public safety and health programs in our state.

Governor Bryant says leaders in Washington need to compromise and find another way to balance the budget.

"Were 16 Trillion dollars in debt. We borrowed 45 percent of everything we have in the federal government's budget from china and other countries so cuts are going to have to be made," says Governor Bryant.

If the deadline is reached, and cuts have to be made, Governor Bryant wants a say in the matter.

Governor Bryant says, "If the president were to say I'm going to leave it up to the governors. If the president would say in this sequestration, the state of Mississippi is about to lose x amount of dollars, first we'd have to verify that through the government accounting office but at least let me and the legislature decide how the cuts would be made."

Governor Bryant says he opposes tax increases, and spending more federal dollars than the state can afford, which is why he's against expanding Medicaid, in the shadow of looming debt.

"Were cutting 85 Million out of public safety, and national defense yet the feds are saying take all this free federal money and expand to another 300 thousand Mississippians on medicaid, that does not make any fiscal sense," says Bryant.

In the end, the Governor believes a resolution will be revealed before the Thursday deadline.

"This is political posturing the President needs to get off the campaign trail, off the golf course and sit down with congressional leaders, they need to come to the table and solve this problem," says Bryant.

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