Smiles Abound at Biloxi's New Elementary Schools

The first day of school is always a source of excitement for youngsters. But today, was especially moving for students at the two new schools in Biloxi, Nichols Elementary and Gorenflo Elementary.

There was plenty of excitement during lunch at Nichols Elementary. After two years of construction, it's the first day in a 'new' school for Nichols students.

"It's more comfortable in this school than the other school because it looks a little better or something," said student Janeysa Batey.

Nichols principal Melissa Nance likes the school's state of the art technololgy, but didn't need to use the school's high tech cameras to monitor student feedback. "The students are so happy to be in this building. I've never seen so many smiling faces on the first day of school, and I've even had parents to tell me, oh, we're going to cry, Ms. Nance. It's beautiful. So everyone's real excited about this new building," Nance said.

A few miles away, students at the new Gorenflo Elementary were excitedly. "They're trying to learn. We trying to teach, but their eyes are still wide open with all the facilities that we have for them," said Gorenflo principal Susan Patterson. This is how she described the first day of school at the new Gorenflo Elementary.

"The principal, she's happy about it. And I'm happy, too. And everyone else is, too. I like it very much. I wish I could stay in the school forever," said student Terrence Russell.