Gautier elementary students show off their artistic talents

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The next Picasso could be discovered at Gautier Elementary this week. The school is participating in the Abrakadoodle two day art education program. Gautier Elementary students dressed in paint aprons and armed themselves with big brushes to paint special masterpieces.

Monday was the first day of the local Abrakadoodle Company's visual art class. The owner said the goal is to promote individual expression and more art education in schools.

"Most of the funding has been cut out and in some cases all the funding has been completely cut out. What we do is come in and help to provide that art because kids' imaginations are disappearing," Abrakadoodle Owner Andrea Zancs said.

To help revive their creativity, each kid was assigned to paint geometric shapes to form one supersized, colorful collage.

"We are tying it into science, we are tying it into the environment, and we are tying it into geometry," Zanca said.

The kids seemed to enjoy every minute of the art lesson.

"When they come in and see all the paint, all the colors, all the brushes, and examples of what kids have done before them, they are really excited," said Principal Michelle Richmond.

This program is not only getting the kids' creative juices flowing, it also helps them with reading writing and arithmetic.

"When you are teaching geometry and you are teaching the environment and science, those are things they are usually not going to remember it from having a little 15 or 20 minute lesson. But they remember it because they have made a painting and they painted something while they were learning," Zanca said.

The art program is part of the district's visual arts budget it provides to its schools.

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