Daring WWII Veterans Safe After Dangerous Journey

A rusting warship and its crew of mostly 70-somethings entered Mobile's harbor today, capping a trans-Atlantic voyage the Coast Guard had urged them not to attempt.

With a fire boat spraying water canons and a Coast Guard patrol boat escort, the old warship began passing the coal terminal at the docks at midmorning.

Well-wishers at the port could see it moving in the distance toward the Alabama State Docks pier, where a celebration was planned.

Veteran Bill Shannon said the trip was successful because the Navy and Coast Guard veterans aboard ``knew what they were doing.''

The 29-member crew, mostly vets from World War Two and the Korean War, left Gibraltar on December 12th on the four-thousand, 350-mile voyage across the Atlantic, with the goal of making the warship a floating museum.

The veterans plan for the vessel eventually to be moved from port to port as an ``operating museum,'' which would allow more veterans to walk the decks.