Long Beach Mom Searches For Justice In Daughter's Murder

Ha Pham still can't let go of her daughter's belongings. Every picture, souvenir, and piece of furniture remains untouched.  The bedroom is where Pham comes to feel close to her 18-year old daughter.

Ha Pham said "I don't want to remove anything from her room, because when I think of her, I come in here. I can't sleep at night. Sometimes, I just want to die, so I can be with my daughter".

Someone killed Pham's youngest daughter eight months ago. They beat and robbed her, and left her to die in front of her family's store.

Pham said "Every time I think of her, I feel so torn up inside. I can't stand it".

Two months after Lynda's murder, the Phams sold Pineville Mart. They say with Lynda gone, they had no one else to help them run the family owned business, and coming to work everyday was just too painful.

Pham said "With Lynda gone, we just felt so depressed around the store. She was there night and day, and not having her there anymore was unbearable".

Pham says every time she contacts the police about her daughter's murder, she grows even more frustrated. Chief Harley Schinker says his officers are still pursuing some leads.

Pham said "I need to know who killed my daughter. If the killer isn't found, they might do this to someone else".

So Pham hopes some one out there who knows anything about the crime will come forward.

Pham said "Lynda died so brutally. That's why I'm praying that anyone who knows anything about her murder to let the police know. Please help us".

The kind of help that will solve this murder, and give Ha Pham and her family a sense of closure.

Ha Pham no longer works. Her husband is currently working on a shrimp boat. By the way, several Long Beach businesses are still offering a $10,000 reward in hopes of finding Lynda Pham's killer.

By: Trang Pham-Bui