Sisters Say Justice Takes Too Long

Krystal King was like a mother to her younger twin sisters Melissa and Marcie. "She took care of us, she cooked for us, she cleaned for us. She was a cheerleader. Straight A honor student, hundreds of friends, straight A student, beautiful person," the twins say.

Melissa and Marcie were only 11 when Krystal was murdered. They say not only did Gerald Holland take Krystal's life, he also robbed her family of a sister they thought the world of. Marcie says, "And here he is 18 years later on death row and he's still got a say, you see what I'm sayin? He's got, this appeals process is no good in Mississippi, it's no good. I mean once you kill a child what right do you have to take your next breath?"  "I believe in God and I believe in a higher power and I believe when that man goes the only person he's gonna have to answer to is the man upstairs if that's where he gets to go and I seriously doubt that," says Melissa.

The sisters cherish their memories of Krystal,  while still waiting for justice. "We're still fightin,'" Marcie says, "and my sister fought for her life and she didn't get to keep her life and why is he gettin' to sit up there. He eats three meals a day. He breathes air."  Marcie and Melissa say the day Gerald Holland draws his last breath is the day they will finally have closure.

In April of this year, the Mississippi Supreme Court denied several of Gerald Holland's appeals. The attorney general's office says Holland has asked the high court for another hearing.