Black Spring Break Appears More Certain

The Biloxi Spring Break page now features a picture of two women in bathing suits with this description of last year's event-- the streets jammed, the parties off the meter and the clubs packed.

It also says quote, "now, the most anticipated event in the south has returned for 2001."

Several of the links on the page are still in the works, but the link for hotel reservations is already up. Local hotel managers say so far, there are few reservations for that weekend, but they are already preparing for a busy three days.

The website admits there are no promoters at this time and there are no events planned. Two weeks ago, Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway told WLOX News he e-mailed the website operator to get more information about why he was advertising an event, even though no one was organizing it.

The website author responded, quote "what happened was that many of the students and last years participants have started to create their 'own dates' because they were coming to Biloxi regardless...which would have been a have 3 different dates in April."

The letter also says that even if no events are booked, students will probably come anyway.

Coast radio personality Rip Daniels said he's already heard from college students who are making their plans to come to Biloxi for Black Spring Break.

He says what coast leaders who are preparing for the event need to do now is to figure out what the students want and try to provide that--things like free parking and access to the beach. He says so far, leaders have been working to contain the event and he says he's already concerned that there could be some problems with that.

The letter written to the city mentioned that one promoter may be announcing some events within the month, but it didn't say who that was. Officials with the Coliseum say no one has even expressed an interest in booking any events there.