Thieves hit Hancock Co. church four times

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Hancock County Sheriff's Department needs your help tonight in locating two men they say stole a pick-up truck from a church parking lot earlier this week.

The truck was parked in-front of Old Spanish Trail Baptist Church on Highway 90 just outside of the Waveland city limits.

It was the fourth theft at the church within the past six months.

The 1967 Chevy pick-up belonged to church member Edward Beasley.

Beasley also oversees the churches substance abuse program "Celebrate Recovery."

"I put my truck here for sale the pastor said it was ok…I figured being tax time maybe someone would pass by and be interested in buying it," said Beasley.

But Tuesday morning it was stolen.

And the theft was caught on the church's surveillance cameras.

"What we caught on camera was they came first at 6:30 in the morning .. They kind of looked under the hood inspected the truck. Then they came back at 8:30 (in the morning) and within 12 minutes they had it hot-wired and drove off in it. You would think that some things would be kind of off limits to that type of activity and for it to happen at a church is kind of shocking to me," explained Beasley.

It was the 4th time in less than six months the church had been targeted by thieves.

In fact the Surveillance cameras were a result of the previous thefts.

Beasley said,

"They've taken the money out of the coke machine , they've kicked in the office door. They even came through the roof one time. On one particular occasion actually on two occasions they took the offering box and the safe. And this is money people have freely given to help with our ministries and stuff. For people coming in and taking that money its appalling how low will you go. "

Sheriff investigators say they are chasing down leads in hope of catching those responsible for the theft.

" I'm hoping this lead pans out and we solve it fairly quickly," said Investigator Steven Saucier.

Beasley hopes so's his only chance of getting his truck back.

Anyone with information about the truck theft is asked to contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at 255-9191..

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