Luxury brand hotel takes shape in Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A new luxury brand hotel is taking shape in Pascagoula. But contractors said the weather is making it difficult for construction of the Hilton Garden Inn to stay on schedule.

"Five story hotel with conference center, schedule hopefully to open plus or minus January 2014," said project manager Judd Harvill.

The 79,000 square foot hotel is about 25 percent complete, but the project manager admits the adverse weather has been a major headache on this construction site.

"Well, we have been shutdown several days, about seven out of the last 30. This time of the year is always tough trying to come out of the ground being that we are still working on the foundation. It has played havoc on us," Harvill said.

On those good weather days, construction crews make sure to build fast and efficient because the project is very important to the city and citizens.

"This something that is going to be a catalyst for the city of Pascagoula," Harvill said.

"We appreciate the local investment to make this happen," City Engineer Jaci Turner said.

Turner said the multimillion dollar project will be another great selling point for the Pascagoula.

"We have major industry in the area that uses meeting space, local, as well as up to an hour or two away from us just because we haven't had this meeting space available," Tuner said. "So, being able to provide high quality hotel rooms, as well as meeting space locally is definitely going to encourage the industry to grow and to build some more."

Now if they can just get the weather to cooperate.

"I pray every day for better weather because right now we need it worse than ever," Harvill said.

Developers and owners are also working to attract some national chain restaurants and businesses to the area.

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