Our Lady Academy will soon be accepting international students

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Spanish is just one subject students at Our Lady Academy study every day. But soon they will be able to take what they learn and use it to communicate with students from abroad.

Director of Institution Advancement Tangie Carrillo said, "Instead of just learning about it in the classroom just be able to interact with them will provide our girls a good opportunity."

OLA has partnered with St. Stanislaus across the street to be able to house international students.

SSC has been housing international male students for years and Admissions Director John Thibodeaux at St. Stanislaus says he gained a lot from studying with a diverse group of students.

"I was a student at St. Stanislaus and I was a boarding student. I am originally from New Orleans. The connections I made with students from all different countries is invaluable and has lead to opportunities in my career," Thibodeaux said.

Andres Cano, a junior from Mexico, said studying in the US has helped him learn English. He said he has also enjoyed meeting other international students.

"I have learned about cultures around the world and people, also I think I have grown as a student," Cano said.

Shelby McConnell says everyone at OLA is excited to welcome students from other parts of the world.

"Maybe take them in on the weekends and stuff, that would be a good opportunity and they get to learn from us while we get to learn from them," McConnell said.

Carrillo said, "At OLA, it's all about the girls here. We want to be able to provide them the best opportunities the best experiences."

The girls will attend class at OLA, but will live at SSC and enjoy taking cultural field trips on the weekends with all the other boarding students. The school hopes to recruit at least ten girls from other countries, but there is room for 30.

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