Pascagoula Educators Rally To Congratulate High Scores

Hundreds of teachers, administrators, and support staff from in the Pascagoula School District held a back to school rally today.

They celebrated last year's high test scores and encouraged each other to do it again this year.

"I think we enjoy teaching it," Carolyn Freeman says.

Freeman teaches 4th grade at Martin Bluff Elementary. Every school year brings challenges. One of the biggest ones for her is getting 4th graders excited writing.

"The kids get to a point where they really like writing. People tend to excel in something they like," Freeman adds.

For the last two years, Martin Bluff 4th graders excelled at writing. They score the highest in the district on the state mandated writing tests. These teachers want to exceed that level this year.

Every teacher and administrator in the Pascagoula district has set their sights on success.

This beginning of the year rally allowed educators to congratulate each other for a job well done last year when test scores improved district wide.

State Superintendent of Education Dr. Henry Johnson added his praise and a challenge for 2004.

"Now what? What are we going to do about it?"Johnson asks.

Teachers like Michelle Richmond are going to set even higher standards.

"Today's rally kind of gave everybody that extra boost to try something new. It's okay to try new things," Richmond says.

Richmond and her co-workers are doing just that... trying new things. All in hopes of making this year even better year than last.