D.A. Releases New Information in D'Iberville Shooting

Five days after a Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed a Texas man, the district attorney released more information. Deputy Glenn Powell is on administrative leave while the investigation into the shooting death of Navy Chief Petty Officer Donald Roberson continues.

Roberson was on leave from his base near Memphis. He was shot last Thursday in D'Iberville on Georgette Lane. Investigators don't know why 33-year old Donald Roberson was on the coast last week. His family says he was on leave and on his way home to Texas.

District Attorney Cono Caranna said Roberson apparently broke down on a dirt road near Georgette Lane and approached an unidentified female cab driver who lived on the Lane. She was on her way home when Roberson allegedly walked up to her cab and assaulted her and a witness called 911.

When Deputy Justin Powell responded, Caranna says Powell ordered Roberson to put his hands on the patrol car. Instead, Roberson came towards deputy Powell, threatened to kill him and hit the officer several times. Powell sprayed Roberson with pepper spray, but Caranna said that didn't stop Roberson and that's when the deputy fired five shots at the man.

The coroner said that Roberson died of a single gunshot to the chest. Investigators are checking into what witnesses described as erratic behavior by Roberson.

Caranna wouldn't elaborate on Roberson's behavior, saying he didn't want to make any judgments about Roberson until he gets more information in the investigation.