Some D'Iberville Residents Looking To Change The City's Government

Should D'Iberville change its form of government? That's what a small group of people came to city hall to talk about Monday night.

Since its inception, the city has been run by a city manager, and the mayor serves in a ceremonial role. Many cities on the coast have a "mayor-council" form of government, which allows the mayor to execute city policy.

Some D'Iberville residents says it's time the people who live there, get to chose the kind of government they think is best.

"When the city was incorporated in 1988, a small group of people decided what form of government we would have here," Sarah Miller told WLOX News.

"That was the form of government that was best for the city back then, but that was 16 years ago, and this city has changed."

About 30 people attended the meeting to hear a city planner talk about the various forms of government.

City residents are being asked to sign a petition to put the issue on the November election ballot. If they get the 800 signatures needed, voters would be able to decide what kind of government they want for their city.