Hancock County Tourism Plays Ball

They're in Hancock County to play ball, but Hancock County Tourism leaders say the business community is happy with the Dixie League.

They come to win, which means playing hard, and that means getting dirty. All those team uniforms have to be cleaned and that means area laundry mats are cleaning up.

"We've got a lot of walk-ins, and then we've washed a lot of their uniforms they brought to us and we washed and delivered," Jenny Wolford, Manager of Coastal Laundry mat in Bay St. Louis said.

Wolford says the World Series will boost business 10% this week.

"Them bringing in the extra money is helping us do what we need to with our store."

Beckie Adams from Tennessee has spent money on laundry this week and many other things.

"We've gambled at the casino we've done restaurants we've also spent in hotel stays, fuel, souvenirs." Adams said.

Adams and nine relatives who made the trip, expect to spend more than $1,000 this week.

"When you get extra people in town it makes a difference," Neil Favre, Owner of Southern Delight Restaurant told WLOX News.

Restaurants and hotel rooms were full this weekend. Ken Bunting of Louisiana found that out quickly.

"The hotels are booked the president of our team came over to watch the games he had to stay in Slidell cause he couldn't get a hotel close to the ball park here." Kathy Kleinschmidt, Manager of The Coast Inn and Suites echoed his words.

"We reached 100 % occupancy all weekend long and we feel it was mainly because of the World Series."

All in all, 2000 visitors, spending about $200 a day pitches in more than a million dollars to Hancock County's economy.

"It's been a good experience as far as my business goes," Restaurant Owner Favre said.

The girls World Series wraps up Thursday , we spoke with teams who were eliminated from the competition over the weekend but plan to vacation in the area until the series ends.

By: Al Showers