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School shooter drill tests law enforcement and educators

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Just months away from the tragic school shooting in Connecticut law enforcement in Madison county prepared for that possibility. An exercise at a local school Monday put teachers, staff and responders to the test.

During a drill at Germantown High School in Madison county two men with rifles entered the school. Staff and teachers prepared for the worst but practiced a plan.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department and Madison Emergency Operations Center conducted the exercise. Emergency responders converged on the school prepared to take down the armed intruders.

"We set up a live action shooter scenario where the faculty can see and learn how to defend these children, themselves and get law enforcement involved where we can respond and have a good idea of what we're facing when we get there," said Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.

Participants acted as teachers, staff and students.

There were hostages, a triage area and an emergency response plan.

But the school district leader is not in favor of arming teachers.

"I would rather have a certified law enforcement officer, school resource officer to have a gun in any of our buildings. While we have wonderful employees, we have some really good law enforcement people as you can tell," said Madison County Superintendent Dr. Ronnie McGehee.

Authorities hope the exercise will save lives if a Newtown, Pearl or Columbine were to happen again.

"The FBI has significant resources to bring to bear to a situation such as this, but we won't be the first responders. We're here to help. We're here to provide whatever assistance is deemed necessary," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel McMullen.

During the drill officials said 18 were injured in the chaos, including the two gunmen and two law enforcement officers.

Madison county's superintendent said teachers and staff are equipped and have been prepared since 1997, the year of the Pearl High School shootings.

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