Miscommunication Leaves Foreign Exchange Student With No Place To Call Home

A foreign exchange student who came to South Mississippi for an education is learning paperwork is sometimes frustrating.

The 15-year old student came from Germany four days ago thinking she'd be attending school in Pass Christian and living with a family there.

"I'm looking for a t-shirt, but I don't find it,"Marie Grief says.

Grief doesn't know when she'll be able to unpack her bags. She came to the Coast to study English and the American culture.

"You don't know this life in Europe," Grief says.

Traveling abroad Marie expected to run into problems, but where to live and go to school was not supposed to be one of them.

"I don't feel home at the moment. I want to get a family," Grief adds.

Glenda Ander from Cultural Homestay International says a Pass Christian family volunteered to host Marie.

Then they completed most of the paper work.

"She had already gotten the ticket and was on her way here when we got the announcement from that school," Ander says.

Ander says Pass Christian High School said they couldn't afford an exchange student this year.

But we found out Monday it was just miscommunication.

Pass Christian High School says they never said anything about Marie one way or the other.

That means there's a chance Marie could get into that school and stay with her host family.

"The family who picked her would really like to have her," Ander says.

"A family is a place I can call home. I'd have a mother and a father and perhaps a sister. I could tell them my problems," Grief says.

She could share some culture too.
"I've got chocolate. It's from my city,"Grief adds.

But as long as she stays packed up, so will her chocolates.

She'll have no place to call home.

Ander says she will talk to the principal at Pass Christian Highs School on Tuesday to see if they can work this out.

Right now Marie is staying with a temporary family in Gulfport.