South Mississippi's history comes alive

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Trophies made of sterling silver, a photograph of the first class to graduate Biloxi High School and ancient artifacts are all things that give South Mississippians an insight into where they came from.

"It's important we understand who we are and how we came to being," Edmond Boudreaux with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Historical and Genealogical Society said."

He enjoys celebrating his family's deep roots in Biloxi.

"My heritage put some of my ancestors on the beach in Biloxi in the 1720s," Boudreaux said.

Anna Slepova hails from Russia and she loves sharing her history.

"My town is very ancient it was founded in 1221 so it has a lot of history and culture and I'm glad that I can present some artifacts and pictures and beautiful things from it," Slepova said.

It is a lesson you cannot learn from a history book.

Fifth grader Lily Pittman said, "You can interact with it and learn more. I learned about the ancient Greeks. The jingle bell things, you can shake them."

She also learned the history of Biloxi schools from LeeAnn Dubaz, who is the only school district historian in the state.

"I actually have an original 1900 invitation to a graduation with the original 1900 class," Dubaz said.

She believes it is important to preserve what we can because Mother Nature takes so much.

"We had one lady who lost almost everything she had she was 94, but she saved her basketball letter and she gave it to me and we framed it," Dubaz said.

The hope is the Coast's history will be celebrated for generations to come.

Boudreaux said, "We would hope people will continue to love the Gulf Coast and continue to love their heritage."

There are several events all week to celebrate South Mississippi's history click here for a schedule.

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