Celebration of health event shows everyone can be active

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It is not your average health fair. Instead, Disability Connection put on a 'Celebration of Health.' Participants got the opportunity to start living active and healthy right away.

Friday, more than 300 people enjoyed lunch, chair exercises and a game of basketball.

"You can do just about everything and anything you want," Blake Loftin said. "There's some bumps along the road, but that just makes it for a more fun ride."

Loftin said he always enjoyed being active and competitive, so when an accident left him in a wheelchair, he refused to let that hold him back. He is a member of the TLC Golden Eagles Basketball Team, which won the southern conference championship last year.

"Life doesn't stop whenever something bad happens. Sometimes it will deal you a bad hand and it's tough to play, but it's really more so about what you want to do with it," Loftin said.

Disability Connection Founder Janie O'Keefe says that is where her organization comes in. The non-profit works to connect all parts of the community.

"We just want to show that if people with disabilities and physical challenges and seniors can get out and get active, then everyone else can get off that sofa and get active too," O'Keefe said.

Robert Locke proves exercise can be simple and enjoyable, he teaches exercises you can do in a chair.

"It really is exercise because we certainly start at the top of our head, tip of our toes and back up and they are still laughing and smiling at the end of the half hour," Locke said.

The hope is these activities will inspire those who came to continue living active.

Tona Anderson said, "Yeah I'm going to stay active."

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