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Passengers describe conditions on Carnival's Triumph


At last check, the cruise ship Triumph will dock in Mobile, Alabama between midnight and 3 a.m. It will then take another four or five hours before everyone is able to get off the ship once it is docked.

Thursday marked the first day most families could at least see video of the Carnival cruise ship finally inching toward land. Passengers on board, interviewed by phone, talk of a vacation from hell.

A fire in the engine room on Sunday left the ship without power. Tow boats are pushing the huge ship toward land. Besides very little hot food, the biggest complaint on board is the bathroom situation.

Carnival says it has most public bathrooms back up and running, but there are horror stories from passengers about broken bathrooms inside their rooms and raw sewage coming from other rooms.

"Well, I mean it runs down the walls from one floor to the next.  It was running out from somebody's bathroom out into the hallway all the way across, and because we're sleeping in the hallway, my friend Carmel had to actually change his mattress out for another because it was laying in the raw sewage," said passenger Larry Porer.

Carnival says another emergency generator was dropped to the ship overnight and claims the situation on board is not as dire as passengers are describing.

Carnival says "This generator was helpful mostly last night in providing some extra power and allowing us to provide extra hot food service. So the guests had a better improved meal service last night."

Families of the passengers are waiting in Mobile, Alabama.

Kim McKerreghan's daughter is on the cruise with her father. "She was balling her eyes out. She was crying and wanted to come home. She wanted her mommy to come and get her," said McKerreghan.

The cruise line insists that employees are doing everything to ensure that people are comfortable.

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