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Beaver trapping strategy in effect in DeSoto County

(WMC-TV) - Beavers in DeSoto County have been causing all sorts of problems. So many problems that the county is calling on a beaver trapper to control the critters.

So how does the beaver trapping strategy work? We look to Jophy Gee to answer that question.

For the past several months, Gee has been helping DeSoto County get rid of the animals causing erosion, downed trees, and drainage problems.

"Evidently they've come back and stopped this area up," Gee said referring to a dam built by beavers.

As the beavers block certain areas, it causes those areas to flood -- and that flooding leads to erosion.

Gee cleaned out the beaver's dam in the culvert and set traps under the water.

"We're going to set the trap and I'm going to take and set it right in the run where the beavers will be swimming," he explained.

He uses sticks and leaves to make the trap look in place. And because beavers do most of their work at night, Miller has no choice but to wait until morning to see if he makes a catch.

As mating season approaches, he could be a lot busier helping the county.

"Summertime is hard because of the snakes and getting muddy," he said.

The beavers are dead once the trapper comes back to collect.

So far, the county has spent hundreds of dollars on the project that will likely continue this spring.

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