WLOX Editorial: Giving cats and dogs a "second chance"

Congratulations to the The Humane Society of South Mississippi in achieving the first leg of its Countdown to Zero Campaign. In 2012 the shelter euthanized no healthy, adoptable pets. But this second chance at life for the healthy animals is not available for the others.

Last year more than 12 hundred sick or injured animals were put down. There is not enough space in the shelter to isolate and treat them until they are well enough for adoption.

By 2015 the Humane Society hopes to have a Second Chance Ward. In the Second Chance Ward, sick pets can be nursed back to health, then adopted. But it will cost $350,000 to build it.

I know many of you would like to help. You can participate in the Humane Society of South Mississippi's fund raisers or make a donation.

But until the money is raised and Second Chance Ward is built, thousands of cats and dogs will be euthanized. You can help save some of these sick pets by fostering them at your home for a couple of weeks so they can be treated, made healthy for adoption. That could be the best gift of all.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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