WLOX Editorial: Weather warnings save lives

Last weekend, meteorologists predicted severe weather for Sunday. And like so many times before, many paid little attention to the forecasts with the knowledge that it likely will not affect me.

The evening of February 10th, tornado warnings were issued, sirens sounded, weather radios went off, radio and TV stations sounded warnings. And still many paid little attention with the knowledge, it will likely not affect me. And they were right.

The vast majority of the thousands of homes and businesses in the warned area were not affected. Thousands of people are fine and for most people, it turned out to be just another rainy February day in Mississippi. But not everyone is fine.

The tornados came down, and thank goodness thousands of people did pay attention with the knowledge that this could affect me. They took cover as hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed and dozens of people were hurt.

The next time you hear a tornado warning, please be a member of the group of thousands with the knowledge that this could affect me and take cover. If it is a little annoying, fine, be annoyed and take cover. We think your safety is worth it.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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