Moss Point Church Celebrates 85th Birthday

On any given Sunday, you will find the members of Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church singing and praising.

But this Sunday, they are thanking God for one more thing.

"We thank God for having the opportunities to have a building that stands so long that we can worship in," Associate minister Roy Garner says.

Garner says the church has been striving to attract younger members because he says they are the future.

But Garner also looks out for the church's older members because their faces show the past.

"It's a wonderful thing to look at the old people that helped keep this church going down through the generations," Garner adds.

Evelyn Millender says the church was originally built on a hill one mile northeast of it's present location.

"I hear them talk about the church on the hill and how it was a small wooden building. They came together and they worshiped and they just had the joy of the Lord. It was just that small church on the hill with big heart," Millender says.

Not only has the Little Rock building changed, Millender says so has the size of the congregation.

When she came to the coast in 1973, there were about 250 members. Today 350 people worship here.

"Little rock missionary baptist church has an atmosphere that you feel welcomed, you feel received the moment you walk in the door," Millender adds.

Millender walked through the doors of the church 31 years ago and she has yet to leave because of that hospitality. It's something she says will never change.