Another Family Finds a Home, Thanks to Habitat

A Gulfport family has new place to hang their hats now, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

Their new home was dedicated today on South Carolina Avenue and is the thirty-third Habitat home to be completed in Harrison County since 1987.

A preacher said a prayer Sunday afternoon, blessing the home just built by Habitat for Humanity workers.

The home's new owner, Pedro Williams, says he already feels blessed because he's moving into a home built on love.

"You have to have those things in order to make it a home. Anybody can put a building together, but you have to have love to make it a home," Williams said.

The Gulfport Rotary Club took over the project back in February.

Rotarian E.G. Warren says anyone can pitch in when it comes to working on a habitat home.

"Some of us coordinate better than we hammer, so we had some coordinators. We had some coordinators, some hammerers, and some painters, and what we can't do in labor, we tried to hire doing in supporting the financial donation," Warren said.

A lot of work goes into finishing a Habitat homes like this one.

It can take months, even years to finish a project. One home in Biloxi is halfway finished.

Volunteers spent Saturday morning working on it.

"They cleaned up the inside of the house, and they did a lot of landscaping on the outside," said Habitat volunteer Bruce Stewart.

But there's still a lot of work to be done.

"After today [Saturday], we'll get the electrical work done. We'll finish the plumbing on the inside, then we'll have the inspector to come out and make sure everything is just right," Stewart said.

The Biloxi home isn't slated to be finished until September, but Harrison County's newest Habitat homeowner says the finished product will be rewarding to the homeowner and the people who helped build it.

Individuals, businesses and civic organizations are always encouraged to help with Habitat projects.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity call 374-4946.