Books Are More Popular Than Ever

It seems books and book lovers are here to stay. You would think in this day of play stations and palm pilots and the internet that there wouldn't be much time left for reading books.

Even with being able to download and order books on-line, one of the managers at Waldenbooks says it's not effecting their business. Jaid Henderson, assistant manager says, "It's just so difficult and messy and expensive to download page by page. You eat up your time online, your ink, paper and cartridges and it's not comfortable." She says nothing can replace having a book in your hand, available at your convenience to read for pleasure.

She says folks flock to the stores to get the books, once Oprah announces the book of the month. Henderson says she's even seeing more children reading books, thanks to the Harry Potter series. "I think we're always going to have books and you're always going to have people who will set time out of their day everyday and read their book."

She also says this is a great time to buy books since most stores are trying to clear out merchandise.