Bumpy Jordan Road In Latimer Should Soon Be Smoothed Out

A 12-hundred foot long stretch of Jordan road in Latimer has been riddled with potholes and gravel.

County officials blame nearby construction.

Drivers along Jordan Road are used to swerving and hitting their brakes.

When Maria Nash takes her son Jack to work, she too takes Jordan Road. Nash lives in Vancleave and she says bumpy Jordan Road is the quickest route.

"The road is really pretty bad. They've got lots of potholes and instead of black topping it or patching it, they just stick rocks in it," Maria Nash says.

Nash says in order for her to bypass Jordan Road, she'd have to add 10 minutes to her drive time.

But she says she has an even better reason now to take the longer route.

"These are the new tires we had to put on last night because my tires blew," Nash adds.

Nash says the tires she replaced were less than a year old and Jordan is the only road she drives regularly that's so torn up.

But not for long!

Jackson County Road Manager Joe O'Neal says his department has been very busy lately paving roads all over the county.

O'Neal says he knows Jordan is a pain for those who drive it.

He says construction in the area has damaged the road, but it's not worth the county's money to pave until that construction is still finished. "We didn't want to spend money and it get torn up again during all of the house building and road building going on there," O'Neal says.

For now, O'Neal say drivers like Maria Nash will have to just be patient.

The county hopes to have the road paved.... within the next few months.