Jourdan River Steamer - Hwy 603, Kiln

A new restaurant in Kiln will tempt your taste buds. Royal Red Shrimp, Live Maine Lobster, New Zealand Mussels and Alaskan King Crabs are just a few of the out-of-state treats at the Jourdan River Steamer. Owner, Hank Plauche', opened about 3 months ago.

"We wanted to do something a little different in this area, and I think we've pretty much done it," Plauche' says.

Located right on the Jourdan River, customers not only come by car, the boat by, as well.

Plauche' says, "All summer long, we have people come up on their boats and dine. It's very casual dining. You can come in here, come off the river, as long as your wearing shoes and a shirt, that is a house rule."

Another rule results in fresher air. Plauche` feels it makes for a more enjoyable meal.

"The whole dining room is non-smoking dining room...we have a lounge where you can smoke in and also outside on the deck is smoking," says Plauche'.

The Jourdan River Steamer does not deep fry any of their foods. In fact, there aren't even any fryers in the kitchen. Everything is either grilled, steamed or sauteed.

"We have been known to do some fried green tomatoes, but they're sauteed in the pan," says Plauche'.

"The Poseidon Adventure is good for four people. It comes with clams, mussels, two lobsters, Live Maine lobsters out of our tank, dungeness crabs, char-broiled oysters, royal red shrimp, very deep water shrimp...very nice, snow crabs, Alaskan King's feast. It comes with corn and new potatoes. We also go Carb-friendly, you know if someone doesn't want the potatoes and corn, we can go with some green veggies with 'em also," Plauche' says.

Plauche' says, "One of our favorite house specialities over here...these are called royal red shrimp. Now, they're not our normal gulf shrimp these come from deep water...anywhere from 600 to 1900 feet deep. They have a complete taste of their own. A lot of people think their texture is like lobster on 'em. Very nice...dip 'em in butter and ooh, life is very good."

Plauche's philosophy relates to food, of course.

"Customer's King...just like our King Crabs," says Plauche'.

The Jourdan River Steamer is located on Highway 603 in the Kiln. It's about two miles North of I -10 just over the Jourdan River Bridge. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday from 4:30pm -10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am until 10pm.

Call 228.255.7333 for more information.