Coast Democrats Gear Up For Election Success

As the Democratic National Convention comes to an end, Democratic committee celebrations around the country begin, including right here in South Mississippi. The Hancock Democratic Committee hosted a campaign party Thursday evening at the Diamondhead Community Center.

Local Democrats plan to help win over an increasingly Republican state.

In the midst of red, white, and blue, a small group of local Democrats gathered around a television in the Diamondhead Community Center to support a party and candidates they believe will fulfill the words "liberty and justice for all."

"We as Democrats are tired of what we're being told. We don't want our boys being lost and our women who are being lost in the war everyday like..when is it gonna end, you know, when is it going to end?" said Hancock Democratic Committee member Sue Halpern.

Many of those gathered here believe it will end on the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

"They offer us hope. They really do. We're in a position at this time in our country where we need hope," said committee member Paul Stewart.

Democrats all over the nation believe in the success of John Kerry and John Edwards, but Mississippians have not voted Democratic since President Jimmy Carter back in 1976.

So what do local Democrats plan to do to get that Democratic vote this year?

"We're gonna go out and we're gonna beat on doors and go to church meetings and we're going to solicit anybody we can to talk to, and we're gonna work hard to make the Democratic party come back to Mississippi," said committee member Ray Funderburk.

"We need to educate the public to what the Democrats really stand for and understand that they're for the people.We're here for the people," said Stewart.

And these Democrats hope to be right back in the celebrating spirit come this November.

"I think John Kerry's gonna win," said Stewart.

The celebration did not stop in Diamondhead.

There was another Democratic Committee celebration held this evening in Bay St. Louis.