Cedar Lake: Biloxi's Newest Business Hub

Business began blooming nearly two years ago for Jennifer Rich and Kathy Mitchell in the Cedar Lake Plaza. That's where the partners opened their floral shop. They say since then they've watched other businesses follow. "The shopping center alone has new businesses in it everyday, there's one comin' in. All the development they're doin' across the street, the road construction, it's just growin," says Rich.  There are signs of that everywhere along Cedar Lake Road and the adjoining Medical Park Drive. Medical complexes and office buildings are under construction. And a Biloxi car dealership's new showroom should encourage growth north of I-10.

"I think it's going to be a great professional park," says architect David Hardy.  Next spring Hardy and his partner will become one of the newest tenants in the park. Hardy says they're combining the talents of two existing offices into one central location. "This is the growth corridor for Biloxi, all up and down Popps Ferry, Cedar Lake, north of the interstate now is expanding and we felt it was appropriate for us to be in that location as well," he says.

As he struggled to calm a squawking parrot,  veterinarian Greg McGrath recalls when he began treating birds and other critters from his new clinic on Cedar Lake Road.  It was 1996, and he had very few neighbors. "There's probably three times as many businesses on Cedar Lake Road as there used to be. All of the fast food restaurants and of course you've got the new medical complexes across the street," says McGrath.

The on-going building,  with more sure to come, is making the Cedar Lake area Biloxi's newest business hub.