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CMR ready to begin search for new Executive Director


There was standing room only as Dr. Vernon Asper set the ground rules for the meeting Thursday night.

"This is not a forum for venting your frustrations," said CMR chairman Dr. Asper. "I know that you feel betrayed by what happened. We all feel the same way. But tonight, let's focus on the future. Let's be as positive as we can."

DMR's former Executive Director was fired last month. An ongoing investigation and questions about spending and administrative decisions by Dr. Walker led to his termination.

Seeking to gain advice of the qualifications of the DMR's next Executive Director, the commissioners sought to move forward. But, in the process of looking to the future, many felt the past could not be ignored.

People chimed in on how they felt the commissioners were all dishonest. Others felt it's not a good time to appoint a new DMR head. Instead, they felt there should be hiring freeze.

Dr. Ed Cake was in the crowd and came to the microphone to set guidelines.

"I've given you eight prerequisites for the new Executive Director and they are: the candidate should have an advanced degree," said Dr. Cake to the board of commissioners.

Other people proposed the idea of hiring someone from outside of Mississippi, someone separated from the issues.  There were also suggestions about the candidate having prior experience and specific degrees.

As the board of commissioners soaked in the suggestions, and weeded out the insults, the goal of the evening was to regain integrity with the public.

"We're looking toward the future so we can put in place anything like that from happening again," said Dr. Asper.

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