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Bay St. Louis performer hopes for shot at national exposure


A Bay St. Louis singer-song writer hopes to climb his way to the top of the music industry with his latest tune "King Cakes and Mardi Gras." Kory Lawrence's music is getting attention online and he's hoping to soon get a national TV break.

"I wrote the song about 20 years ago when I was an MC down at the Cats Meow down on Bourbon Street. I'm from New Orleans originally, so I've always loved Mardi Gras. I'm just hoping that the more it plays and the more people like it, I'm hoping it becomes a New Orleans classic," said Lawrence.

It's a tune anyone who has lived on the Gulf Coast can identify with, especially this time of year. Lawrence has been performing most of his life, he started singing in his school choir in sixth grade.

"I want America to hear me sing. I've sang locally been with you on TV several times and I want America to hear me sing."

He hopes the judges from the NBC show "The Voice" will give him that chance after his audition for the show Saturday.

"I'm just going to go and sing and hopefully they see something they like in me and, hey, maybe I'll get a shot."

He said his ultimate goal is to sing for a living.

"I drive a school bus for Hancock County and I work at Rouses Super Market in Diamondhead and I make just as much money singing on the weekends as those two jobs."

A ticket to Hollywood from the judges would put him a step closer to his dream come true.

Kory Lawrence has a performance in Slidell on Friday night. After that, he and his friends will drive straight to Houston, Texas for his audition for the TV show.

Watch Kory Lawrence's video for King Cakes and Mardi Gras on YouTube:

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