Coast Jews Uncertain About Mideast Peace Under New Administration

The Mideast peace talks going on in Cairo this weekend did not to calm the violence in the region. Separate incidents on the West Bank left one person dead and two seriously injured. The murder brought the number of people killed in the current wave of violence to 360.

The ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians may be on the other side of the world, but it weighs heavily on the minds of Jews at a temple in Biloxi. Dr. Daniel Romm makes a point to talk to his son about the violence because he says reshaping the views of future generations is the key to peace.

"I think that the two sides have to get together, and the children have to get together and realize that there are really people there and not just entities," Romm said. "They are not just Palestinians and Israelis. They are people who are Palestinians and people who are Israelis."

While members of Temple Beth Israel in Biloxi are hopeful that there could be some type of agreement made under the Clinton administration before he leaves office on the 20th, they're not holding their breath.

"Clinton's not going to be the one that's staying in office. Bush is going to have to implement and it's going to be Bush that has to see it through," Student Rabbi David Glickman said.

In the past three months violence has escalated in the region. Some coast Jews say finding an agreement that works is difficult but not impossible. They're not certain how a new United States president will affect our nation's interest in helping to bring peace. Peace is something many of them say is going to take patience and time, which is something President Clinton doesn't have a lot to spare.

by Danielle Thomas