Construction Moving Slowly On Escatawpa Fire Station

The site of the new Escatawapa fire station hasn't looked much different over the past year. So far, only the foundation has been laid. But city leaders say they're finally about to see some progress.

"I'm proud to see this building already unloaded," Ward Five Alderman Glin Colvin says.  "I will be proud when it's finished, and we can operate out of it"

"We are looking forward to moving to our new location, as I'm sure the citizens of that community are looking for us to be there," Fire Chief Calvin Pardue says.

Some parts were brought in for the new building just this week, but it's taken a year for the city of Moss Point to get the project to that point.

"We bided it out one time, and the bids come in excessive, so it was turned down on a five to two vote," Colvin says.  "Then, they bided out again, and the bid was awarded and they were supposed to have it within 180 days."

Firefighters hope to move to the new site right off of Highway 613 by the spring, but whether or not that happens by then depends on how fast the city of Moss Point does its part.

"They've got to remodify the foundation to put two more doors on the back of the building," Colvin says.

Firefighters are hoping Moss Point city leaders do all they can to make sure the project continues to move along.