Center Trains Students For Success

Mississippi is known as the hospitality state, and that's why leaders are hoping the new Hospitality Workers Training Center will help Mississippians live up to the name. We attended the center's fundraising reception Wednesday and heard how it has equaled success for its students as well as the state.

For three years, the Mississippi Hospitality Workers Training Center has provided the skills that will help secure a better future for its students.

"We do a lot of life skill training, teaching them how to get to work and the importance of it. How to relate with their coworkers. How we say, once you get in, this is an entry level job we train for, once you get your foot in the door. You should never have to be interviewed again because you're being interviewed every single day," said the center's executive director Bet

And it appears the center's graduates are getting an A-plus in their daily reviews.

Many of the students work in the casino, hotel and restaurant industry, and according to the center's director, 90 % of the graduates keep their new positions as well as advance to even better opportunities.

Senator Trent Lott says this not only helps the individual, but the community as well.

"It benefits the businesses here that needs these workers to be trained and most importantly, it benefits the individual that otherwise would be on welfare, food stamps with a lot of despair and hopelessness. And we don't need that on the Gulf Coast," said Senator T

A place where Senator Lott believes everyone should have the opportunity to be a success.

The Hospitality Workers Training Center offers two week programs, providing students with skills they need to work in major industries.

It is the only center of its kind in the state.