Teachers Sprucing Up Classrooms

It's so quiet in the classrooms and hallways at Taconi Elementary School in Ocean Springs. The only sounds that break the silence are the scissors clipping, and the stapler on the bulletin boards. Teachers are decorating and cleaning their rooms to greet the stampede of students that will soon arrive. "I just try to come in here in my room and make sure everything is set up so the last couple of days before students arrive can be concentrated on meetnig with other teachers and meeting about individual students and special needs that may need to be taken care of," says math teacher Jean Perkins.  Kelly Lawrence says, "We just have to get things organized, get the books out, get things ready for them for their first day cause, even though it may be routine for us it's really I mean, they're so nervous and everything so we have to have everything just right."

When students return, the teachers want them to feel welcome and at ease in class. Starting a new year is no big deal, but the teachers say they never know what it will bring. Lawrence says, "Even though we have a lot of similarities each year, every year is different because you have a new group of students that interact differently with each other." "You have an entirely different group of students with different backgrounds and it's fun to start with a new group every year," says Perkins.

Lawrence, Perkins and Taconi's other teachers will hit the books on August 5th.