11-Year Old Shows Giving Spirit

It's a wonderful story of giving, and it involves two young children, one who lost his Christmas gifts in a fire this past week and another who has a big enough heart to help.

Joshua Manning is an 11 year old from Ocean Springs who saw our story about the Gulfport family whose home was destroyed by fire on Wednesday. When he saw that story, he saw a scooter laying in the ashes and was compelled to give up one of his Christmas gifts to help out another child. So, Joshua is giving little Donnelle Carter his Scooter that Santa brought him.

After getting the new scooter, Donnelle smiled, said thank you, and gave Joshua a big hug.

"I think it was nice to give it to me because he saw mine in the yard laying down burnt, and he just felt bad about it, and he wanted to give me his."

Meanwhile, Joshua says that although every kid in America begged for a scooter this Christmas, it wasn't hard to give Donnelle his brand new gift because it was the right thing to do.

"I just saw his scooter, and I felt bad for him because it was all burnt down and there were no handle bar grips, so I just said well why don't I just give him mine."

Joshua was nervous about doing an interview, but he said if it encourages others to help out the family, then it was worth it.