Accident Kills Bicyclist On Beauvoir Road

Witnesses say it sounded like "an explosion" when a Jeep Grand Cherokee slammed into the side of a brick building after striking and killing a young man on a bicycle.

The bizarre accident happened late Wednesday morning on Beauvoir Road in Biloxi, just north of the railroad tracks.

The driver of the Jeep Cherokee told police he swerved to try and avoid hitting the bicyclist. He failed. As emergency crews worked the scene, the victim laid in the middle of Beauvoir Road.

The SUV was crushed against the brick wall of a home health care business.

"We thought the house exploded. It was like an explosion, basically," said Mike Randazzo, who was at work inside the business.

Randazzo was at his desk when the vehicle came crashing. He was also among the first to reach the injured driver.

"Just wanted to see if he was conscious. And asked him if he was okay and he said no. And I told him an ambulance was on the way," he said.

The dramatic accident shook up those in the neighborhood. Richard Drummond was both nervous and extremely lucky. He was riding his bike just in front of the young man who was killed.

"Then I heard the collision behind me and I turned my head to look. He was falling from the air and the SUV ran across the parking lot there and slammed into the building," said Drummond.

After hitting the bicyclist, the vehicle traveled across Beauvoir and through the front parking lot of a motorcycle dealership before crashing into the wall.

"When he was going across the parking lot, he was moving fast. And just slammed into the building. I thought it was going to go through the building," Drummond said.

Those inside the business say it certainly felt like the vehicle was coming on in.

"Oh, there's glass and everything inside," a shaken Randazzo explained.

The driver of the SUV is 49 year old Rickey Martindale of New Orleans.

The name of the victim on the bicycle hasn't been released yet.