Convenient Changes are Underway at the Harrison County Tax Collector's Office

The days of long lines are phasing out at the Harrison County Tax Collector's Office. Tax Collector David LaRosa spent this last year consolidating services and cross-training workers. The end result, you could possibly get in and out of the office in minutes instead of hours.

LaRosa said, " Now we have 17 that handle everything and the customer can go to that one station and the customer can get many services without standing in as many as four different lines. There was a huge amount of wasted time and motion here and that's one of the first things we set about doing, shortening that process up and combining those services."

All clerks can now handle property taxes, tags and titles so you only have to wait in one line. Sometimes you don't even have to wait. The clerks say it's actually the same amount of work for them. Another time saver you'll notice is more computers which now replace the old time-consuming book system. LaRosa says the next step is to update the phone system. He celebrated his one year anniversary in office on Thursday.