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With Janus gone, what happens next at D'Iberville City Hall


The future of leadership at D'Iberville City Hall is up in the air after the sudden departure of City Manager Michael Janus, who is taking an indefinite, unpaid leave of absence. The announcement came after he said he entered into a contract with a Pascagoula consulting firm. It was a contract the city council was never told about and never approved.

"The mood at city hall today is just a little bit sad," City Comptroller Sharron Perkins said. "We're worried about Michael. We've grown very close to Michael in the last four years, so we're just worried about him. But we're going to be fine. We're going to recover."

Despite the controversy, Janus still has supporters like Billy Delancey, who sells vegetables in the city six days a week. 

"I don't think the city has been damaged," Delancey said.  "I know him, he's a fine fellow as far as I know about him." 

Another supporter is Lois Moore, who was busy Wednesday creating art at the city's senior center. She has no concerns about city government or Janus.  

"I'm not concerned about either one of them because he's always done a very good job and I've known him for a very long time," Moore said.  

I did talk with several other people who live in the city of D'Iberville. They declined to be interviewed on camera, but they did tell me they were concerned about the continuity of city government. Will things run as smoothly as they have in the past? City department heads say the answer to that question is, "Yes." 

One of those department heads is Police Chief Wayne Payne.  

"We're certainly saddened by the events that occurred, but the city will run. We've got some great directors that work for this city and law enforcement certainly will be here," Payne said. 

Meanwhile, Perkins will oversee city operations on a temporary basis.  She is confident the city won't miss a beat. 

"Business is going to go on as normal. Employees are going to get paid, the bills are going to get paid, everything is still intact as far as the city of D'Iberville is concerned," Perkins said.

WLOX News did talk with Mr. Janus by phone Wednesday morning. He declined to offer any additional comment at this time other than the statement he read at Tuesday night's council meeting.

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