Biloxi Traffic Fatalities See Record Drop

"I think the people of Biloxi should be proud of the fact that we have the safest streets on the Mississippi Gulf Coast," Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway says.

The mayor says traffic in Biloxi has increased almost 10-fold in the past 10 years.  But last year traffic fatalities were at an all-time low.

"I have said that we have the best paid, best trained, and best equipped police and fire departments in the state of Mississippi," Mayor Holloway says.  "It's not just about buying police cars and fire trucks. It's about getting results, and we are doing that."

The mayor attributes the success to more police visibility, speed monitors, publicized radar checkpoints, and defensive driving.  But he says one of the biggest reasons for the decrease is that the city now has more money to spend on public safety.

"We have gone from spending about $6 million a year in the early '90s to this year's budget of about $22 million," Mayor Holloway says.  "We are out there to save lives, but we can't do it by ourselves.  I think the driving public should be proud of the fact that we are at an all-time low regarding traffic fatalities."