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GCCA float maker ready to roll

Mardi Gras float maker Doug Blom Mardi Gras float maker Doug Blom

Doug Blom is a float maker for the Gulf Coast Carnival Association (GCCA). That means he has been a very busy man lately.

The GCCA parade rolls Tuesday, February 12. With that in mind, we decided to check out the Skeet Hunt float den in Biloxi.

There are 24 floats in there right now, and all are basically ready to roll. When that happens next week, Blom will be in that barn watching them all head out.

When we asked Blom what that day will be like for him, he simply said, "A madhouse."

That morning all the generators will be cranked and the floats hooked up to their rides. Then it is time to rock and roll.

Normally, things go like clockwork, but not always.

"Oh, we had one that broke last year," Blom said. "That was because it went under water during the storm, and it was rusty from the inside out, you would look at it and it looked fine."

That certainly caused some headaches for those in the parade, but Blom is confident that will not happen again this year.

Most of the floats in the barn were built by Blom years ago, but he did build two new ones for Tuesday's parade. As you might imagine, it is a lot of work.

Blum has been doing this since 1983, so now he has it down to a science.

One other thing about the floats he now builds. Back in the day, the floats had no toilets, but now they do. With a smile on his face, Blum called that a very big deal.

"You used to have people jumping off the floats, trying to take care of mother nature," Blom chuckled, "Now that is not a problem."

The toilet facility is certainly nothing fancy, but it does the job.

Blom said, "It's basically a bucket, but believe me, it helps."

Be sure to check out Blom's floats, Tuesday, Feb. 12 in downtown Biloxi. The parade rolls at 1 p.m.

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