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Stennis Airport lands celebrity Super Bowl guest


Super Bowl visitors landed in South Mississippi by commercial, charter and private planes. The FAA told Stennis International Airport leaders to plan for as many as 100 corporate and private jets.

WLOX News checked up on the business the big game brought to Stennis, and you may be surprised to hear what music legend was at the airport.

"We didn't get as many aircrafts as we expected about a 5th of what we expected," said David Turner, General Manager of Million Air, the fixed based operator at Stennis Airport.

The numbers may not have been as impressive as hoped, but the passenger list was. It included a former Beatle.

"Paul McCartney, he left here last night," Turner said.

Turner says the reason Sir Paul McCartney and his crew chose Stennis International Airport was all about time and convenience.

"Their crew was concerned about being able to leave quickly after the game. That was really why they positioned their aircraft here," Turner said. "He took the time to stop and talk to our line men and our customer service reps and they were extremely excited."

Although McCartney and his crew didn't venture outside of the terminal, others who landed here did, giving the county an economic boost.

"Those who couldn't get hotel rooms down in New Orleans, we definitely saw some of that in Hancock County and actually it flowed over into Harrison County, as well. Not only with the hotels, but with all of the charter services with limos and bus charters. They definitely got a workout."

Airport Director Bill Cotter echoed his words.

"Flight crews were able to visit in Hancock County, some experienced the Nereids Parade, and others at our hotels and casinos."

Airport leaders say they were happy to show Super Bowl guests what Hancock County has to offer.

Super Bowl weekend also gave the airport a financial boost. Many of those jets that landed at Stennis re-fueled there, as well.

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