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Gulfport woman uses app to recover her stolen iPad


Since its introduction in 2010, the iPad has become a household item for millions of Americans. Just about everyone wants to get their hands on this convenient tablet style computer,even if they didn't buy it. Dorsi Solares is a witness to that.

"I was trying out a new data plan. Within the first couple weeks of it, it was fine. Then all of a sudden I started getting messages about my usage," Solares said. "Then I get another message that says I'm at 90 percent of my usage. I was like, that's impossible. Who's using the iPad or that much data on a cell phone?"

Solares asked that very question to her husband, and her daughter. Only to find that the device draining so much from her data plan was missing. That's when she remembered the Find iPhone app she recently downloaded.

"I realized that one of my devices was far from my house. It's not near where we live, where our friends live. It wasn't in my circle of areas I travel often. I kind of got a little worried, but what I didn't want to do was show up to a group full of people and say 'excuse me, that's my iPad. Would you please hand it over?' That doesn't sound like it would go well," Solares said.

So she contacted the Harrison County Sheriffs Department. The chief investigator on the case says he knew it would be smooth sailing when he learned she had the app.

"I was very excited because I knew that we were going to end up getting a very good lead and we would end up locating her stolen iPad. I knew immediately that action needed to be taken," Investigator Anthony Piazza said.

The app led investigators to an apartment complex on Swan Road in Gulfport. From there everything was safe and sound.

"I can say my iPhone is lost and hit the 'play a sound button, and you can hear the sound. I usually use it for when I'm around the house and maybe lose track of where one of the iPhones or iPads is," Solares said.

That sound made it very clear that their perpetrator was guilty.

"One of the doors that was opened was by our suspect and the iPhone was actually laying on his couch. It was ringing the tone so we went ahead and took him into custody. Also upon taking him into custody we recovered other stolen items," Piazza said.

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